Get Disney Plus for free for a year thanks to this genius Uber One hack

Fancy something to watch while eating your favourite takeaway?

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If you want to get accesds to Disney+ for free, you should sign up for Uber One. The service which gets you a host of delivery and ride perks now also nets you a year of Disney+ Standard - worth £79.90

If you're a foodie or a fellow non-driver you'll no doubt be familiar with Uber One. The subscription service, which grants you a host of benefits like free delivery on orders over £15, a discount on rides and no cancellation fees, has another serious reason to subscribe.

Now if you subscribe to Uber One, you'll get a free year's subscription to Disney+. That's phenomenal value because a subscription to Uber One for a year costs £59.99, and how much is a year on the standard Disney+ plan? £79.90. That's free Disney+ baby! 

To top it off, Disney+ is currently one of the best streaming services around. As well as all your childhood favourites and the best of Pixar, it also has some seriously good originals for grown-ups. The likes of Extraordinary and Shogun are top-tier television and not exactly family-friendly. 

Poor Things

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That's before you even consider the wealth of movies on the platform. There's a rapid turnaround time between the latest Marvel movies ending their run at the cinema and popping up on the service - often as little as 45 days! If you haven't got the superhero bug then you can also enjoy some prestige cinema, with 2024 Oscar winner Poor Things just hitting the platform, and the likes of The Banshees of Inisherin and The French Dispatch on there too. I haven't even mentioned the Taylor Swift Eras Tour. 

For the standard with ads plan, you'll be able to stream concurrently on two different devices albeit only at a 1080p resolution but I'd rather watch at 1080p eating my favourite takeaway than in 4K and going hungry. 

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