Get a Samsung TV in EE's bargain GeForce Now bundle for gamers

Just £22 for access to the best GeForce Now cloud gaming tier, TV and even a controller to play with

EE's cloud gaming bundle
(Image credit: EE)

EE has launched two cloud gaming bundles that give you access to Nvidia's GeForce Now Ultimate cloud gaming platform, plus the kit to play it on for a low monthly fee.

The Smart TV bundle includes six-month's membership to GeForce Now Ultimate - the highest tier of Nvidia's service that runs games on up to RTX 4080 hardware and therefore includes ray-tracing and up to 120fps gameplay.

You also get a 43-inch Samsung CU7100 4K HDR LED TV with Samsung Gaming Hub installed to play games through, plus a Turtle Beach Recon wireless controller.

This all costs just £22 per month with a £10 upfront fee. It's available for EE customers only.

If you don't need a new TV, you can also get the Laptop bundle. This also includes six-months' membership to GeForce Now Ultimate, but swaps the TV and controller for a 12.4-inch Samsung Chromebook 2 360 and Razer Basilisk mouse.

This package costs £23 per month with a £10 upfront fee. It too is for EE customers only.

Both plans are on 24 month contracts.

What is Nvidia GeForce Now?

Nvidia GeForce Now is a cloud gaming service that gives access to thousands of PC games that are streamed over the internet rather than played on a host machine.

You play the game as normal, using a mouse, keyboard and/or controller, and your movements and presses are sent over the 'net to remote servers. They enact the gameplay and send the video back to your device, whether than be a PC, Mac, Chromebook, Smart TV, mobile phone or tablet.

Bar a fraction of additional latency, the experience is similar to playing the game on the device directly. You just need a decent internet connection - such as your home network or mobile data (such as EE's 5G service).

There are three tiers of GeForce Now available. Free is, well, free. It gives you up to one-hour of gameplay at a time (without having to log in again), standard access - so you might have to queue to play - and will run on a "basic rig".

A Priority tier costs £8.99 per month for longer playtime - six-hours - better access and a "premium rig". This includes 1080p 60fps gameplay.

Finally, GeForce Now Ultimate usually costs £17.99 per month for play on an RTX 3080 rig (with an upgrade to RTX 4080 when available), faster servers and priority access, plus up to eight-hours of gaming at a time. Resolution is upped to 4K and frame rates can hit up to 120fps.

Considering the cost of the latter on its own, the EE plans represent great value for money considering they include devices to play on and with too.

It's worth noting that, unlike Xbox Cloud Gaming and some other cloud services, GeForce Now gives you access to PC games you already own (or buy later) on services like Steam and the Epic Games Store. There are 1,000s of supported games, but you will have to have them in your respective libraries first.

The exception is that you can also jump straight into free-to-play games, such as Fortnite. You can find an entire compatible games list here.

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