Garmin's new fitness wearable has a battery with a year's worth of juice

The vivofit 3 and the vivoactive HR are the latest additions to Garmin's health range

Garmin has revealed the latest additions to its fitness tracker range, with the vivoactive HR GPS smartwatch and the vivofit 3 smartband. Both offer plenty of features to track your workout, including a battery on the vivofit 3 that will last you a whole year of training.

The vivoactive HR will be much more of an everyday wearable, offering all the usual mod cons of a smartwatch (with plenty of apps, widgets and watch face designs available for customisation) alongside those all-important activity tracking tech. It will count your steps throughout the day, monitor your sleep activity, a heart rate monitor to help you track calories burned an in-built GPS to keep you company on your latest run, cycle or swim.

The vivofit 3, featuring Garmin's Move IQ software, will track all your fitness activity (including withstanding depths of up to 50m underwater), with interchangeable bands (for the fashion conscious among you) and new autoactivity detection and intensity minutes features also added to the mix.

“The vívoactive HR builds on the incredible versatility and multi-functionality of its predecessor by adding wrist-based heart rate and a barometric altimeter – allowing it to track even more data essential to workouts and day-to-day activity. All your efforts to stay active are accounted for from taking the stairs at the office to going on a run or ride,” comments Matt DeMoss, general manager for Garmin Australasia.

“Our latest edition vivofit, the vívofit 3, has once again set itself apart from the pack as a leader in fitness tracking technology. Key features include a one-year battery life, water resistance and new developments like Move IQ to offer a full package to people wanting to take a step toward a healthier lifestyle,” he adds.

The vivoactive HR will be available in Australia in April for a princely AU$399 (£201), with a release in the UK shortly after. The vivofit 3 will arrive in Oz around March/April for AU$169 (£85), bundled with a regular or extra large band, with its own UK release to follow.

Via: Garmin

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