Garmin vivomove Trend hybrid smartwatch unveiled

The latest watch from Garmin focuses on fashion and functionality

The Garmin vivomove trend on a white background in a silver finish
(Image credit: Garmin)

When it comes to the best smartwatches, one name is sure to feature on your list. While Garmin watches are rarely cheap, they are rugged and feature-packed, causing them to win favour with a host of users.

But while go-anywhere, do-anything watches like the Garmin Fenix 7 might be what many think of first, this new release caters to a different audience altogether. The Garmin vivomove Trend fuses fashion with functionality, in a hybrid smartwatch.

The vivomove Trend is designed to give the appearance of a traditional watch, while still giving users the functionality of a smartwatch. It features physical watch hands on the dial that will "dynamically move away" when using the touchscreen to view health stats, notifications and other alerts on screen.

Sensors in the watch will allow users to keep track of all kinds of health and wellbeing metrics. This includes functions like sleep scoring and all-day stress tracking, but also includes more integrated functions. For example, the watch will monitor your energy throughout the day and suggest appropriate times for rest and activity, to get the most from your day.

Heart rate is tracked 24/7, and can alert the user to abnormal heart rates when resting. Plus, a blood oxygen saturation monitor can learn how well your body absorbs oxygen, for accurate tracking.

Elsewhere, usual suspects like GPS tracking and workout modes are present and correct, allowing you to accurately track your exercise. You can even track a metric called "fitness age" which considers a wide range of factors to determine how your physical age differs from your actual age, and provides tips for how to improve this.

The watch comes in four finishes – Slate/Black, Peach Gold/Ivory, Cream Gold/French Gray and Silver/Mist Gray – and will start at £279.99. Oh, and battery life lovers rejoice – in true Garmin fashion, this one's good for five days off a single charge!

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