Garmin Speak puts Alexa in your car for super smart voice controls

Voice controlled navigation and Alexa Skills in any car

Garmin has unveiled the world’s first Alexa device for any car, called Speak. Complete with that blue LED light ring the Speak looks like a mini Echo but packs in even more features.

The Garmin Speak is made, primarily, to work as a sat nav device compete with 1.5-inch OLED display to show turns plus a speaker to read out navigation. It does all this via a Bluetooth connection to your phone’s data and GPS smarts. The LED ring will even glow green when you have an upcoming turn and should be easy to see as the Speak connects to your windscreen using a magnetic mount.

Beyond navigation, the Speak also works with Alexa Skills to offer far more voice controls. That means you can ask it questions, check traffic, play games or your calendar or even control smart devices in the home allowing you to pre-heat the home, turn on lights and more as you get closer to arriving home. That also means you can take calls via the high-quality mics.

The Garmin Speak does have a built-in speaker but can also be connected to your car’s system using an AUX out. That means music controls via your voice too. The only downside is you won’t get Spotify support, initially at least.

The Garmin Speak is available now in the US for $150 which is about £113 although UK pricing and release date have not yet been announced.

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Luke Edwards

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