Garmin launches smartwatch

Tactix aimed at law enforcement and special operations

Garmin has become the latest company to jump on the smartwatch bandwagon.

The navigation company has launched the Garmin Tactix, a new GPS navigator watch. According to the company, it is aimed at “the requirements of Law Enforcement and Police Special Operations”.

As you'd expect from such a target market, the smartwatch is designed to be rugged. It has a matte black finish and comes with a green backlight. According to Garmin, the choice is motivated by its desire to make it easier for those using it while wearing night vision goggles.

The Tactix has the ability to provide the user with GPS information, altitude, barometer and compass data. US versions of the watch will be loaded with tidal information – however, it appears that the UK version of the watch won't.

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“Tactix packs Garmin's trusted navigation technology into a GPS watch that both soldiers and civilians can rely on,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin VP of worldwide sales.

“Plus, the preloaded tide data and Jumpmaster software, along with its stealth design, really sets Tactix apart from other wrist worn GPS devices.”

The watch is said to have 50 hours battery life in UltraTrac mode. However, that drops to 16 hours in full GPS mode.

The Garmin Tactix will launch in the US before the end of November. It wil cost $449.99 (£280).

There's no word on a UK launch or pricing.