Garmin's new Descent MK3 smartwatch lets you talk to fellow divers underwater

Garmin Descent Mk3 dive computers have 200-metre dive ratings, bright AMOLED displays and options with a built-in flashlight

Garmin Descent Mk3 launch
(Image credit: Garmin)

Garmin eased up a bit on new releases in recent times (maybe they are gearing up for an onslaught of launches soon?), but this one is a biggie. The company just announced the release of the Garmin Descent Mk3, the third generation of its most competent dive watches, which comes fully loaded with the most useful smartwatch features for life above and below the waterline.

Purpose-built with a dive-first approach to design, the Descent Mk3 series comes in two sizes – 43mm and 51mm – with air integration options on both and features a touchscreen AMOLED display, a 200-metre dive-rated case with metal leakproof buttons that are fully operational at that depth, and up to 48 hours of battery life in dive mode.

We all love the Apple Watch Ultra 2 for its freediver and scuba dive functionality – not the mention its seamless connection to the iPhones hidden inside that wonderful Oceanic+ dive housing – but admittedly, most 'pros' still opt for the best Garmin watches when it comes to tracking their dives, and the latest iteration of the Descent series is a clear example why.

Garmin launches Descent Mk3 watch-style dive computer and Descent T2 dive transceiver

(Image credit: Garmin)

Inherited from the Garmin Fenix 7 Pro, the larger 51mm Descent Mk3i has a built-in LED flashlight for greater visibility in low-light conditions – even underwater!

Garmin also announced the Descent T2 transceiver with enhanced SubWave sonar technology that will add diver-to-diver messaging and Diver Assistance to tank pressure monitoring through a soon-to-be-released software update. Although we don't often cover diving accessories here, the capabilities enabled by combining the two products got us the most excited.

For example, when using a Descent Mk3i dive computer and Descent T2 transceiver, divers will be able to send out an assistance alert to other connected divers through a feature called Diver Assistance. Nearby-connected divers will then be able to see the diver's depth and distance and monitor them until assistance is no longer required.

Utilising the same SubWave technology that allows for monitoring up to eight tanks simultaneously, divers with a Descent Mk3i and Descent T2 transceiver will also be able to exchange preset messages with other connected divers up to 30 metres away.

Garmin launches Descent Mk3 watch-style dive computer and Descent T2 dive transceiver

(Image credit: Garmin)

Of course, the Descent Mk3 incorporates some of the best smartwatch features Garmin has to offer, such as VO2 max estimations, daily suggested workouts for running and cycling, endurance score, and hill score. Plus, wellness insights like sleep monitoring, sleep score, Pulse Ox, Jet Lag Adviser and more. 

Another feature similar to Training Readiness called – obviously – Dive Readiness lets you see how lifestyle factors like sleep, exercise, stress and jet lag can affect the body’s overall preparedness to dive. A higher readiness score may suggest it’s time to dive in, while a lower score may be a reason to consider using a higher conservatism setting or choosing an easier dive.

Available now at Garmin UK, Garmin US and Garmin AU, the 43mm Descent Mk3 has a suggested retail price of £1,100/ $1,200/ AU$ 2,150, while the 43mm Descent Mk3i with added air integration, diver messaging capabilities and Carbon Gray or Bronze titanium bezel options is £1,250/ $1,400/ AU$ 2,500.

For those looking for air integration, diver messaging capabilities and a larger display, the 51mm Descent Mk3i is offered with a Carbon Gray DLC titanium bezel and a black silicone band for £1,430/ $1,600/ AU$ 2,850. The Descent T2 transmitter has a suggested retail price of £430/ $500/ AU$ 900.

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