Galaxy Z Flip 3 exposed in stylish first look video

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 takes on some of the Galaxy S21's best features in this stunning new video

Galaxy Z Flip 3 concept
(Image credit: Waqar Khan)

With the Galaxy S21 release done and dusted, all eyes are on Samsung's upcoming 2021 lineup, with its next bash at foldables stirring up quite the buzz, and if you're more of a Galaxy Z Flip fan, than Galaxy Fold, you're in for a treat with this Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 first look video.

We know that the Galaxy Z Flip series will keep its clamshell form factor, offering something a bit more fun and unique compared to the Galaxy Z Fold 2. This concept still offers a fresh take on what the Galaxy Z Flip 3 design might look like, incorporating design elements from the Galaxy S21 series.   

Designer Waqar Khan has had some fun with the concept, revamping the outer chassis and giving the camera setup a much-welcome boost; instead of the dual rear camera of the Galaxy Z Flip, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 in the video lifts the triple setup from the Galaxy S21, but keeps the single, front-facing, holepunch camera of the original model.

One of our favorite changes is the larger outer display which is about three times as big as the modest little rectangle on the Galaxy Z Flip. The bezel has been trimmed down a scooch, while the display, which is reportedly coming in at 6.9-inches (via Twitter tipster Chun) is practically crease-free, which is something Samsung is said to be improving, but we'll have to wait and see to what extent.  

It's likely we'll see a 120Hz refresh rate for the Galaxy Z Flip 3, which Samsung fans will be impatient for after the 60Hz of the Galaxy Z Flip; unlike Apple, which has kept its iPhones at a steady 60Hz – even with the newest iPhone 12 – Samsung has kitted out its latest Galaxy S21 series with super AMOLED screens with a variable refresh rate, so fans will want to see the Galaxy Z Flip 3 up its game in that department. 

With all of these extra features and improvements, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 could launch at a higher price than its predecessor, the Galaxy Z Flip 5G, which released with a $1,449 / £1399 / AU$2,599 price tag that has recently been permanently dropped in the US to $1199.99. Factor in the trade-in, and the added bonus of the buy and try program, and that could get trimmed down to as little as $649.99. 

So if the Galaxy Z Flip 3 does come with a hair-raising price tag, at least the Galaxy Z Flip is affordable!

Shabana Arif

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