Galaxy S9 Plus scores higher than Google Pixel 2 and Apple iPhone X in camera test. Here's how

Another day, another flagship phone beating feature from the Galaxy S9 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

Samsung may have already revealed the Samsung S9 and S9 Plus flagship smartphones but the handsets are still getting competition-destroying stats clarified. The Samsung Galaxy S9 has already been rated as having a better screen than Apple’s iPhone X and now the Galaxy S9 Plus camera is getting called better than Google’s Pixel 2 and iPhone X efforts.

According to image quality specialist DxOMark, the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus rear and front cameras are rated at 99 points. That beats the iPhone X at 97 points and the Pixel 2 at 98 points. It even beats Samsung’s own Galaxy Note 8 which topped out at 94 points.

To break that down, scores aren’t a percentage but an overall rating for both photos and videos. So the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus was given a score of 104 points for the photographic performance and a 91 point rating for the video quality. The Pixel 2 did win out here with a video quality score of 96 points.

DxOMark comments on the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus camera photos saying it produces “a very wide dynamic range” and that it has “struck a very good balance between noise reduction and retention of levels of fine detail”. Speaking on low light it commented that “the S9 Plus is good down to very low light” and commenting on zoom it says “resolution and detail are quite impressive up to 4x zoom” with “fewer artifacts and lower levels of noise at a 4x zoom factor, than the Apple iPhone X”.

Since this is a very early stage test you can expect the camera to only get better with software updates. The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus will be available to own from their release date on 16 March.

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