G-Shock launches new G-lide Surf watches

Hey dude, check out these bitchin' watches and catch some waves, they're totally rad!

G-Shock G-lide
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From the G-lide Series of G-Shock extreme sports watches comes a pair of new models that add night surfing designs to the GBX-100 range. For the surfers who prefer a more understated look, the new colourways include black/rose gold and black/graphite options.

The new model boasts many of the features you'd expect in the best outdoor watches, but tailored specifically to surfing – for example, it'll show you high tide and low tide times, as well as tide levels. You can also use a phone application for simple selection of one of approximately 3,300 surf locations around the globe.

The smartphone app can also be used for quick and easy access to sunrise and sunset times. 

This information is then displayed on the high-resolution MIP LCD watch display. The screen enhances readability and enables the display of a wealth of infomation.

The watch screen features a super illuminator function, which lights up the watch face with high-intensity light, to ensure readability – even in the dark or underwater.

G-Shock G-lide

(Image credit: G-Shock)

The G-lide GBX-100's digital display is surrounded by a forged stainless steel bezel, and, just as you'd expect from a G-Shock, equipped with the strength and functionality surfing demands.

These models have a guard structure that withstands impact from above, below, left, and right, making them the perfect choice for wear while surfing.

G-Shock G-lide

(Image credit: G-Shock)

The bezel is composed of a combination of resin and metal, with stainless steel for the bezel top. 

The bezel combines hairline and honed surface finishes to create an elegant, brushed look, because hey, it's important to look good while out catching waves.

The G-Shock G-lide GBX-100NS is available now with an RRP of £159.

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