G-Shock Clear Remix range takes the classics and makes them see-through

40 years of favourite watches, now available in transparent cases

Casio G-Shock Clear Remix watch range
(Image credit: Casio)

Casio has unveiled another range of G-Shock watches to celebrate its 40th anniversary and add to some of the best watches around - this time with stunning transparent bezels and straps.

The G-Shock Clear Remix range has been specially crafted to celebrate some of the brand's classic designs but with a twist. Seven models have been redesigned to feature see-through elements. In some cases, that even means the face itself.

Both the G-Shock DW-5040RX and DWE-5640RX are arguably the most recognisable of the bunch. Their octagonal design is based on the very first G-Shock watch - the DW-5000C, which was released in 1983.

However, this time even the LCD display is slightly transparent, allowing you to peer at the circuit board inside. The latter of the two reissued wristwatches comes with a band that combines resin and metallic elements to create a unique effect.

Casio G-Shock Clear Remix watch range

(Image credit: Casio)

A G-Shock DW-6940RX rounds off this mini grouping as it also has a see-through LCD panel and dial. You can clearly see the G mark pattern on the circuit board inside.

All three of these models are shock resistant (f course) and feature 200-metres waterproofing. They don't have any smart features as such, but can last for up to three years on a single charge.

Casio G-Shock Clear Remix watch range

(Image credit: Casio)

The G-Shock GA-114RX and GMA-S114RX watches are digital and analogue devices, so come with hands as well as read-outs.

As well as the bezel and band, their particular transparent elements come in the form of a see-through centre case, plus resin side buttons for a subtle yet beefy look.

As with the others in the Clear Remix range, each of them is capable of being submerged to 200-metres, while battery life is rated at two-years rather than three.

Finally, the G-Shock GA-2140RX and GMA-S2140RX watches are based on the GA-21400 and GMA-S2140 respectively, but introduce a transparent dial to the classic octagonal design. You can also see the module underneath the dial thanks to a see-through dial ring.

The Casio G-Shock Clear Remix range will be available in the UK soon (and likely US too), priced from £130 for the GA-2140RX and GMA-S2140RX, up to £240 for the DWE-5640RX.

We've particularly liked the G-Shock 40th anniversary celebrations so far - let's hope we have some more special edition watches coming from the brand over the next few months.

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