Struggling to master a front split? This 30-min stretch routine is guaranteed to get you there

Nail that forward split (even if you're inflexible) with the ultimate stretch sequence

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A front split can be a huge challenge for even flexible yogis. And if you're not naturally bendy, you can forget about completely. Right? Wrong. While mastering front splits can takes time and dedication, it's very much achievable. This 30-minute stretch routine is designed to stretch your quads, hips and hamstrings, and get you closer and closer to the aim of a front split. 

You don't need much to get started, just some clothing that'll allow you to move freely (leggings or loose yoga pants are the best choice for your bottom half), and we'd recommend picking up one of the best yoga mats to practice on, as it'll make things much more comfortable. Although they're not required for this video, investing in a couple blocks to prop yourself up with if you're not quite reaching the ground yet (here's our guide to the best yoga blocks). They're not expensive, and can really help you on your journey to mastering the splits.  

The sequence comes from Cassey Ho, a certified Pilates and fitness instructor and the woman behind the bloglates YouTune channel. If you're not flexible at all, don't worry: there are modifications for each of the exercises so you can start at the level that suits you. Here's the full video to watch along with.

Cassey recommends repeating the exercise sequence twice or three times a week to see your flexibility improve. After all, this is a difficult move to master – anyone who claims they can get you there in a day or a week is lying. Let's face it, most of us have a lot less on right now, so why not use this lockdown to master splits once and for all?

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