Free Windows 10 upgrade: you only have until the end of today!

After tonight, you'll need to pay to upgrade

If you haven't already upgraded to Windows 10, then you only have a few hours left - unless you want to pay. The Windows 10 free upgrade window closes at the end of today, July 29.

On Tuesday, August 2, there will be a new and thorough update of Windows 10. Called the Windows 10 Anniversary Update (it's a year since the OS was first released), there's a whole host of improvements and fixes. Some even say the Mail app is now actually usable...

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Around 300 million devices already have Windows 10 installed. Apparently new browser Microsoft Edge is proving popular with 63 billion minutes logged in March alone (that's a 53% growth in mins since the last quarter). Digital assistant Cortana has answered 6 billion questions since Windows 10's launch, while users have logged 9 billion hours of gaming in the same period. That's a lot of Minesweeper.

Still not convinced? Here's Bryan Roper (complete with flatcap) from the Windows Team to tell you why you should upgrade now before its too late.

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