Fossil's new Gen 6 hybrid smartwatch is for people who don't like the Apple Watch

It may look traditional, but it comes with a raft of wellness features

Fossil Gen 6 Hybrid Wellness smartwatch
(Image credit: Fossil)

We've seen colour-changing cars and wireless televisions at CES 2023, but this new smartwatch from Fossil might be the most stylish new launch.

It's the brand's next-generation product in its wearable portfolio – the Gen 6 Hybrid Wellness Edition, and it's aimed squarely at people who don't like the techy, futuristic design of the Apple Watch.

The new design boasts increased speed and performance, a revised Wellness Gauge face and an intuitive e-ink display which sits behind traditional watch hands.

We think it looks fantastic, and is sure to gain a place in our best hybrid smartwatches guide after we've reviewed it.

Fossil Gen 6 Hybrid Wellness smartwatch

(Image credit: Fossil)

Despite its traditional looks, the Fossil Gen 6 Hybrid features some pretty advanced fitness tracking tech, including a SpO2 Sensor which provides you with estimated blood oxygen measurements to see how well your body is circulating oxygen, and VO2 Max Insights which tells you the maximum amount of oxygen your body utilises during exercise.

You've also got the health and fitness features you'd expect in a 2023 smartwatch, including automatic workout detection that will begin tracking even if you forget, heart rate zone display to understand how hard your heart is working during your workout or at rest, as well as continious heart rate tracking during your workout, your breathing exercises or when resting.

All of your stats can be viewed in the brand's exclusive app which lets you manage your Fossil smartwatches and features a complete overview of health metrics, right from your phone.

Elsewhere, you've got Amazon's Alexa on-board to control your music, create shopping lists, set timers and more.

Thanks to the low-powered display, the Gen 6 Hybrid Wellness Edition boasts up to two weeks battery life.

The NEW Fossil Gen 6 Hybrid Wellness Edition is available in three colourways, which can be personalised with eight interchangeable silicone straps.

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