Fossil Sport Smartwatch Sale: Fossil Smartwatches just $99 at Best Buy

Check out Best Buy's Fossil Sport Smartwatch sale and save $176 on a new smartwatch.

Check out Best Buy's Fossil Sport Smartwatch sale only $99.
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Take a look at Best Buy's Fossil Sport Smartwatch sale and save $176 on a brand new Fossil Sport Smartwatch – on sale for just $99!

If you've been wanting to buy a smartwatch but haven't been ready to throw down the cash, Best Buy's got a killer deal on Fossil Sport Smartwatches. For just $99, you can grab one of Fossil's best smart watches available.

Compatible with Android and iPhone devices, Fossil Sport Smartwatches features Wear OS by Google and can pretty much do everything you'd expect a smartwatch to do and then some. Health and fitness tracking, Google Pay, phone notifications, it's all there for those looking to jump into the world of smartwatches.

For just $99, this is an excellent smartwatch to pick up if your curious to take one for a test run and see if a smartwatch is right for you.

Fossil Sport Smartwatch| Was: $275 | Now: $99 | Save $175 at Best Buy

Fossil Sport Smartwatch| Was: $275 | Now: $99 | Save $175 at Best Buy
For a limited time, pick up a Fossil Sport Smartwatch from Best Buy for just $99. Available in a variety of sizes and colors, Fossil's Sport Smartwatch is an excellent choice for enthusiasts and new comers of the smart watch world.

Fossil Sport Smartwatch Highlights

  • Wear OS by Google – compatible with Android and iPhone mobile devices
  • Bluetooth connectivity – connect to mobile phones, media players, TV's and more with Bluetooth
  • Smart Apps – track your heart rate, schedule a lunch, play music, it's all there in a stylish package for any tech junkie
  • Customizable – personalize with a variety of different band colors and materials for your perfect smartwatch look

Fossil Sport Smartwatch Summary

Those looking to get a new smartwatch but aren't quite ready to spend hundreds of dollars on an Apple Watch, Fossil's Sport smartwatch is an excellent choice. It'll do basically any smartwatch task your hoping it would, from message management, health tracking, media control, and more.

While the specs may not be the most high end, Fossil's Sport Smartwatch is targeted towards users seeking a more simplistic design and experience. Of course, you would get more features and better tech from an Apple Watch (or any other smartwatch over $400 for that matter), but where Fossil lacks in power it provides in value.

Fossil Sport Smartwatch sales with these types of discounts don't come around too often though, so now would be the time to pick one of these up.

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