Forget Nothing Phone, meet Nothing Clone

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, after all

Infinix GT schematic
(Image credit: Mukul Sharma)

Smartphone manufacturer Infinix reportedly plans a new series of gaming phones called "GT" and while that might not normally register with you, you might recognise the supposed design.

The Infinix brand isn't overly familiar to us in the UK or US - it's better known in Africa and India - but a leaked image of the device aesthetic will be. Or maybe there's just Nothing in it.

Shared on Twitter by leaker Mukul Sharma (AKA @stufflistings), the picture shows just how close the rear of the Infinix GT series could be to the recently-launched Nothing Phone (2).

He points out that it is likely to be a gaming phone but will cost far less than the latest handset from Nothing.

The comparison is pretty clear though - so much so that it even drew the attention of Nothing boss Carl Pei. He replied to Sharma's tweet that it's "time to get the lawyers ready" - albeit with a laughing emoji.

It's somewhat ironic really, as the first Nothing Phone originally drew design comparisons with Apple's iPhone - not least because the Glyph on the rear bears a passing resemblance to the MagSafe band that can be seen when a clear plastic iPhone case is attached.

The Glyph though turned out to be very different, both in overall look and functionality. And it has become one of the most talked about features among Android devices.

It's even been enhanced for the follow-up, so it wouldn't come as a surprise to see other manufacturers attempt their own versions.

Of course, with no official announcement from Infinix yet, it'd be unfair to say that the brand will look to emulate the Nothing Phone entirely. And the leaked design might not look the same in the cold light of day, so Pei's lawyers might be stood down again.

They might even tag out to Realme's legal team instead, if that brand finds out that its "GT" nomenclature is being hijacked.

In many ways though, this all works in Infinix's favour - at least you've now heard of the Chinese manufacturer and it's being talked about in circles it never has before.

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