Forget AirPods, new Technics best Apple's earbuds in one key way

The AirPods are lacking in this department

The Technics AZ60M2
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If you’ll pardon the pun, Technics is a name in the audio game that always makes people sit up and listen. With its latest earbuds, it sounds like the brand has done it again, with a feature that outclasses Apple’s AirPods.

The EAH-AZ80 and EAH-AZ60M2 are Technic’s latest true wireless earbuds, and claim they’re the best-sounding true wireless buds they’ve created. Considering the sound quality of the previous EAH-AZ60s, that’s some claim. But that’s not even the Airpod slaying feature we are talking about. 

Both the EAH-AZ80 and cheaper EAH-AZ60M2 feature triple-point connectivity with Bluetooth 5.3. That means that users can connect their buds via Bluetooth to three devices at once, say their phone, laptop and tablet. I for one am fed up with turning my Bluetooth off and on across my devices when I need to switch from tunes on my phone to a work call on my computer.

Apple AirPods 3rd Gen review

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Apple’s AirPods, often considered the one to beat when it comes to wireless earbuds, only offer multiple Bluetooth connections to other Apple devices, so if you’re not all about Apple’s ecosystem of products, you’re out of luck. The Technics have no such connectivity issues. The $229 price of the cheaper AZ60M2 puts them in a directly competing price bracket with the AirPods as well. 

Significantly, that’s not the only way Technics have iterated on the AirPods. Apple’s buds have a reported 6-hour battery life, with Technic offering 7.5 hours. If you want to go to the gym after work, for example, that can be a significant difference. 

AirPods have become an everyday sight these days, but with the AZ60M2 and EAH-AZ80, Technics is coming for the crown. 

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