Ford F-150 Lightning drivers are getting an Apple Maps EV routing upgrade soon

The iconic pickup is getting a big boost which will be of benefit to electric vehicle users

ford F-150 Lightning
(Image credit: Ford)

Some manufacturers of the best EVs on the market have opted to make use of their own in-car infotainment systems. However, others have stuck with phone mirroring systems, which are more commonplace across a wide range of vehicles.

Ford are one manufacturer who opt for the latter. Their vehicles allow users to make use of Android Auto or Apple CarPlay – dependent on whether you use an Android phone or an iPhone.

Now, one model in the range is set for a big boost. According to a report from CarsDirect, the Ford F-150 Lightning will gain support for Apple Maps EV Routing from Q4. That report cites a bulletin which was sent out to Ford dealers last week.

It's not the first car to take on the functionality. The Ford Mustang Mach-E came first, followed by the Porsche Taycan a few months ago.

Apple Maps EV Routing offers a host of features which are perfect for EV drivers. The system will track the charge level of the car, and provide directions for longer journeys which take into account the need to charge on the way. It will even tell you how long you need to charge for at each stop, providing accurate timing information for your journey.

It does that based on a series of factors which can affect the performance and efficiency of an electric vehicle. That includes things like elevation levels, driving speed and the speed of chargers available. All of that information is digested to provide you with the best option for your journey.

What's more, if the system notices that the charge is too depleted to continue on the journey, it will also redirect you to the nearest available charging point. That's really crucial, and could save you from running out of juice right at the wrong moment.

Plus, when iOS 17 hits devices soon, it should get even better. One of the features of the new operating system brings information about charging availability to users in real-time. That means drivers will be able to see how many bays are available at a particular charging spot, and how many are currently being used.

That's a big deal. I love EVs but one of my biggest gripes right now is the imbalance between public charging stations and the number of EV users looking for a place to charge. Queues can quickly stack up, and it makes the whole experience incredibly frustrating.

With this feature built in, users would be able to see how busy a charging point was ahead of arriving. That would give them the power to check for a quieter alternative, should they wish.

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