Fjallraven's new daypack is straight out of Wes Anderson's Asteroid City

I'm low-key obsessed with the new limited edition Fjallraven Samlaren Kanken backpacks, which are a feast for the eyes and gentle on the planet

Limited-edition Fjallraven Samlaren Kanken backpack
(Image credit: Fjallraven)

Fjallraven's Kanken backpacks need no introduction. Even if you haven't got one, someone you know does. My colleague Sam loves his, and if I had one, I would 100% carry it everywhere with me, too. I feel now is the time when I'll take the plunge and buy a Kanken, and not just because the bag reminds me of Wes Anderson's Asteroid City, which I just recently watched in the cinema.

It's not the first time Fjallraven launched a Samlaren version of their now-iconic Kanken backpack. The 2021 drop saw the limited styles selling out as quickly as they appeared on the website, and I expect it will be the same in 2023. After all, the Kanken isn't just one of the best backpacks, but it's also a decent backpack for hiking, believe it or not.

Samlaren (the Swedish word for Gatherer) is a capsule collection of Fjallraven products with one-of-a-kind designs and colour combinations. It's similar to Cotopaxi's Del Dia, which uses 100% repurposed fabric to create one-of-a-kind products that also help reduce factory waste.

Essentially, in the production of clothing and equipment, the amount of fabric ordered and used can differ. Instead of throwing away the surplus material, the leftover fabrics are stored in warehouses until Fjallraven can find another way to use them.

But the colour isn't the only difference between the mainline Kankens and the Samlaren version. The limited edition is slightly larger and has padded shoulder straps and several pockets – open, zippered or with buttons. Six pockets, to be precise!

The Fjallraven Samlaren Kanken daypack is available in four colours now at Fjallraven UK and Fjallraven US for £115/ $130. While you're there, check out those dungaree shorts and that Samlaren Shirt SS – they are also quite something!

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