Finished The Gentlemen? There's a forgotten Guy Ritchie TV spinoff you can also stream

Before The Gentlemen there was...

The Gentlemen (Netflix)
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Guy Ritchie's The Gentlemen hasn't just made a successful leap from cinema to TV, the Netflix series has bettered the movie – in our opinion. But, did you know that it's not the first film from the director to get a television spinoff?

That honour goes to Ritchie's first crime caper, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

After wowing theatre-goers with its mockney goings-on, the 1998 flick was inspiration for a seven episode series made by Chris Evans' production company (not the Human Torch, but he of Big Breakfast and Virgin Radio fame).

Released in 2000, it featured an all-new cast, much like The Gentlemen. The main difference is that there wasn't much of a plot thread, as it was more a collection of one-off stories experienced by the same hapless crew of plastic gangsters.

In many ways, it was similar to today's Brassic – which is equally superb and currently on Sky and Now. However, each Lock, Stock episode was self-titled and can just about be viewed in any order.

The only problem is that, bar a DVD release back in the day, it's hard to watch. You can buy a second-hand copy of the disc collection – including on Amazon – but no streaming service has picked it up, not even its original broadcaster, Channel 4, for its All 4 platform.

Thankfully though, not all is lost. A number of episodes have been lovingly preserved by the Real Drama channel on YouTube and so you can watch them right here via the videos embedded below. Now don't say we never give you anything.

So, if you have finished The Gentlemen and are hankering for a touch more Ritchie-esque Brit bad boy shenanigans, carry on.

Episode 1: Lock, Stock... and Four Stolen Hooves

The action in episode 1 might get a bit spicy so you'll need to watch it on YouTube, but it's worth it considering it's the only one co-written by Ritchie himself.

It's also feature-length, so sets the stall nicely for the rest of the series.

The four owners of The Lock pub run into bother with East London gangster, Miami Vice, and in trying to resolve it run into all manner of different scrapes which involve all manner of Guy Ritchie tropes – the travelling community, lap dancers, arsonists and a stolen racehorse (hence the title).

Episode 2: Lock, Stock... and Two Hundred Smoking Kalashnikovs

This time the crew once again draw the ire of Miami Vice after they unwittingly find themselves in possession of a van full of automatic firearms.

Episode 3: Lock Stock... and a Fistful of Jack and Jills

Martin Freeman pops up in an early role in this episode, as a Dutch drug dealer. Cue more capers and hilarity.

Episode 4: Lock, Stock... and Spaghetti Sauce 

Episode 4 turns to the sex industry as the boys have to come up with a plan to keep notorious porn baron, Deep Throat, at bay.

Episode 5: Lock, Stock... and Two Sips

This time the team run into more bother as they look after one of them's uncle, Two Sips.

Episode 6: Lock, Stock... and One Big Bullock

As the title suggests, episode 6 involves the boys, a prize bull, and a trio of crazed Russian gangsters.

Episode 7: Lock, Stock... and a Good Slopping Out

Sadly, the seventh and final episode isn't available on the Real Drama YouTube channel, but if you want to watch it there is this version posted by Bogley 96. It's not the best quality, to be honest (it looks like it's been digitally transferred from a VHS recording) but at least it's available to complete the run.

Was there a second season of Lock, Stock...

Sadly, Lock, Stock wasn't recommissioned, but its spirit lives on in The Gentlemen on Netflix.

We also thoroughly recommend Brassic, starring (and co-created by) Joe Gilgun (Preacher, Misfits, This is England).

And at least you can see and laugh at the early career choices of Martin Freeman, Shaun Parkes (Lost in Space) and Scott Maslen (Eastenders) in the first and only series above.

Remember, it's been emotional.

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