Fave TV show with 92% Rotten Tomatoes score is coming back as a retro-inspired video game

Fan-made game based on best TV show ever has old-school PlayStation adventure vibes

Twin Peaks the game
(Image credit: Blue Rose Team)

A fan-lead game studio is developing a game based on one of the best TV shows ever. And it's sticking to the theme and era by making it in the style of an early 90s adventure.

Twin Peaks Into the Night is a fan game by the Blue Rose Team and you can download and play a demo right now.

The demo and instructions on how to install it are on the studio's website, while you can also see a video trailer for the game below. It's not known when Blue Rose Team might finish the project, but when it does it plans to offer the final adventure for free.

That should help the group get around copyright laws. It is not marketing the game neither, for the same reason.

"This is a fan game based on the intellectual property of Twin Peaks, and is not meant for sale in any way," the developer says in a post on its site.

"Blue Rose Team does not own the rights of the series. Neither David Lynch nor Mark Frost are affiliated with this project. All rights reserved to their respective owners."

The game seems to follow the plot of the 1990s TV series closely, with you playing Agent Cooper who is called to the town of Twin Peaks in order to investigate the murder of Laura Palmer. It's also a direct homage to the days of the original PlayStation console, with graphics reminiscent of a Resident Evil from around that time.

A lot of love for both that era of gaming and Twin Peaks itself has clearly gone into the project, so we hope Lynch, Frost and then likes of ABC allow it to be enjoyed by others.

The show has a 92% score on Rotten Tomatoes, so there will certainly be an audience that'll appreciate experiencing the story from a different perspective.

We certainly do.

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