EZIVIZ's robot mop wants to wipe the floor with Roomba

The smart home security firm wants to keep your home clean as well as burglar-free

EZVIZ Robot Vacuum
(Image credit: EZVIZ)

The best robot vacuum cleaners and best robot mops may be great at cleaning, but how many of them have a happy face like the EZVIZ RS2, above? The firm is best known for its home security products, and this is its first robot vacuum and mop. With an RRP of £1,199 it's available to pre-order now and it's clearly going up against high-spec models from the likes of iRobot.

The RS2 isn't EZVIZ's first home cleaner. That honour goes to last year's RH1, which is a human-powered cordless. But this is the firm's first robovac, and it's part of a wider range that will shortly include some more affordable options too.

So what does it have to offer?

EZVIZ RS2 robot vacuum cleaner and mop: key features

This is a pretty smart robot. It can automatically detect when it's time to mop, returning to its charging dock to snap its mop pads into place and detaching them when it moves back onto a rug or carpet. It's self-cleaning too, taking care of hair that's got tangled around the roller brush, refilling its water tank and air drying the mop pad. There's also a "vacuum first, mop next" program for whole-home cleaning.

EZVIZ says its water tank is good for cleaning up to 300m2, and there's voice command via Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for effortless control as well as the obligatory app. A 3K camera takes care of person and object detection and – EZVIZ showing its home security roots here – you can use the camera to stream video from your home to wherever you are, and to monitor your home as a kind of skirting board-level robot security guard too.

Entering an already crowded sector at the high end is quite a bold move, and t'll be interesting to see how it stacks up when we get one in to review. You can find out more about the RS2 on the EZVIZ website.

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