Expert reveals how much water you should really be drinking in a day

And it isn't your usual two litres!

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Trust me, you're not the only one if 'drink more water' is on your New Year's resolution list. Alongside eating healthily and going to the gym, hydrating properly is one of the nation's most popular goals, especially as busy schedule can often mean it becomes less of a priority. 

Drinking the right amount of water brings a huge amount of benefits. From feeling more energised to making your skin glow, staying hydrated allows your body to function in the best way possible. Whether you prefer drinking it plain or infused with fruit is up to you, but the results are undeniable. 

However, if you're aiming to drink more water but haven't yet experienced these effects, then you may not be drinking enough. Health experts from Mayo Clinic have now revealed the exact amount of water you should be consuming on a daily basis, and it's a lot higher than you'd expect. 

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How much water do you need everyday? 

As we go about our daily lives, we automatically lose a lot of water through normal bodily functions. Drinking the right amount of water is important because it replenishes these levels, allowing our bodies to perform optimally. 

With that in mind, how much water does the average, healthy adult need? Let's find out...

Men need around 3.7 litres (15.5 cups) of fluids a day 

Women need around 2.7 litres (11.5 cups) of fluids a day 

Whilst two litres of water day is a reasonable goal to focus on, these figures actually reveal that we should be aiming for more. However, if you're worrying that this would be too much for you, there is some good news. 

Is water the only option for staying hydrated?

Nope - you actually don't need to solely rely on water to meet your fluid needs! What you eat also matters, and there are also a number of alternative drinks you can consume that provide adequate levels of hydration. 

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