Evie puts women’s health first with its new smart ring

This women’s health smart ring from Evie is the most stylish tracker I’ve ever seen

A woman sleeping while wearing the Evie Ring on her finger
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CES 2024 has been taking place in Las Vegas this week, and one exciting new innovation that has everyone talking is the Evie Ring, a smart ring specifically designed for women’s health. Created by founding company Movana Health, the Evie Ring uses AI to track health, sleep and wellness data, and it looks stylish while doing it.

I enjoy the features and convenience of the best fitness trackers but I don’t always like wearing something on my wrist, which is why smart rings have always appealed to me. But I’ve noticed that some smart rings don’t monitor or focus on women-specific data like menstrual health or mood, so you can imagine my excitement after hearing about the new Evie Ring.

After interviewing thousands of women and undertaking extensive research into women’s biometrics, Movana Health created the Evie Ring and its accompanying app, to provide trusted health and wellness information to every woman at every stage of their life. With its ever evolving technology, this women's smart ring grows and adapts with its wearer, particularly in regards to menstruation cycles and menopause.

The Evie Ring uses AI technology and medical-grade biometric sensors to accurately monitor women’s health. The smart ring is also equipped with LEDs that emit light to improve the quality of the optical signals for better accuracy and readability. Along with the Evie app, the Evie Ring focuses on women-specific features and data interpretation, so it can understand hormonal changes and how this affects the body throughout the month.

To keep users informed of their health and wellness metrics, the Evie Ring uses its sensors to monitor heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, respiration rate, sleep stages, activity levels, step count and much more. These metrics can be viewed in the Evie app which shows progress and gives recommendations for future improvements.

The silver Evie Ring sat in its portable charging case

(Image credit: Evie Ring)

The most notable feature of the Evie Ring is its menstrual tracking, which allows women to log their cycle and mood in the app. The app uses this data to predict your fertility window, next period and offer information into your menstrual health. Movana Health has stated that it plans to expand this tracking in the future to give better insights and find stronger correlations between the menstrual cycle and other health factors.

The Evie Ring has thought of everything, including its stylish and open design. As women’s fingers naturally fluctuate during hormonal changes and throughout the day, the Evie Ring has a small gap to allow it to adjust and adapt to your finger for a more comfortable fit. The scratch-resistant ring is also available in silver, gold and rose gold colours and comes with a portable charging case for easy charging while on the go.

CES 2024 has seen many exciting smart ring launches, including the Amazfit Helio Ring and Ultrahuman expanding its smart ring technology into a health tracking smart home device. But Evie is really taking the crown at this year’s event as the Evie Ring was named as a 2024 Honoree for the CES Innovation Award – personally, I can’t wait to get my hands on one!

Unlike many CES products announced this week, the Evie Ring is available to buy now for $269. There’s no subscription fee and as of writing, it’s only supported by Apple’s iOS.

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