Every-colour Scribble pen yanked from Kickstarter & Tilt

Lack of detail on how it actually worked led to the binning...

The ultimate every-hue pen was an exciting prospect for many, but Kickstarter and Tilt aren't content with twinkle-in-the-eye projects...

Some of you may remember the Scribble pen. We covered it way back in June, and it's now back in the headlines once again, though not for wholesome reasons it seems.

For those unaware, the Scribble pen is/was a device that its creators purported would be able to scan the colour of any object around you, and then reproduce it on paper. Snazzy.

Unfortunately it seems the team didn't go much further in their explanation of the product than that, and crowd-funders aren't too happy.

First off, Kickstarter requested that the team provide a detailed video that would outline clearly how the pen would work its magic.

Instead, Scribble's team decided to bin its Kickstarter tout de suite and shift its wares over to Tilt, an alternative crowd-funding platform.

Round two, fight! Tilt then voiced ins own suspicion, and promptly yanked Scribble's project after the team again failed to explain Scribble's inner workings.

The dastardly doodler in question...

Tilt spoke to Cnet, revealing that the site would be returning all of the backer cash and putting a stopper on the campaign indefinitely.

"Upon the internal review, we requested additional information from the campaign organisers and provided a defined window of time for them to provide a new video of an actual, working prototype like seen in the video or an in-person prototype of the pen," Tilt told Cnet.

"Since these conditions were not satisfied, we decided that the best course of action to protect our community - both contributors and organisers - was to discontinue the campaign and refund 100% of all payments over the next three days."

Three days ago, Scribble posted a response to the outcry via its blog, damning Tilt for its lack of blind faith.

"Unfortunately, the folks at tilt.com have recently closed our campaign without reason. The issue at hand seems to be whether or not we have a working Prototype of Scribble, despite clearly stating that this was not a condition of raising funds on their site prior to the start of our campaign," wrote Scribble's team.

"We wanted to assure our supporters that Scribble is not a figment of our imagination or an attempt to defraud anyone in any way."

So does this mean we're not getting our pen, then...

Via Cnet, Scribble