Eufy security cameras at their lowest ever price on Amazon ahead of Black Friday

Protect your home and put your mind at ease with this excellent Eufy 2C security camera deal

EufyCam 2C
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With the world opening up again, we’re all spending a lot more time out of the house, whether that’s going back to work, socialising or planning holidays and weekends away. 

If you’re worried about keeping your home secure while you’re gone, it might be time to invest in one of the best security cameras, and right now there's an incredible deal on these EufyCam 2C cameras at Amazon.

You’ll get peace of mind knowing that you can check up on your home at any time and you’ll receive an alert on your smartphone if there is a security breach.

Every year, smart security cameras make up some of the Best Black Friday deals but even with that just around the corner, this is the lowest price ever on the EufyCam 2C 2-Cam Kit and the EufyCam 2C Add-on cameras so it’s definitely worth snapping up before it’s too late. 

EufyCam 2C 2-Cam Kit | RRP: £229.99 | Now: £169.99 | Save: £60 (26%) at Amazon

EufyCam 2C 2-Cam Kit | RRP: £229.99 | Now: £169.99 | Save: £60 (26%) at Amazon
If you want to keep your home secure but you're not keen on paying a monthly storage subscription fee, the EufyCam 2C stores footage locally for free. This starter kit includes the HomeBase 2 and two weatherproof cameras that capture video in 1080p with detailed night vision and motion detection. This kit is a top choice at an amazing price!

EufyCam 2C Add-on Camera | RRP: £89.99 | Now: £69.99 | Save: £20 (22%) at Amazon

EufyCam 2C Add-on Camera | RRP: £89.99 | Now: £69.99 | Save: £20 (22%) at Amazon
Two cameras might not be enough to cover your whole property, in which case you can buy EufyCam 2C Add-On cameras to keep every inch of your home safe. Like the starter kit, they're at their lowest ever price on Amazon right now! 

Think this is still too expensive? Take a look at T3's guide to the best cheap security cameras to see some more affordable options.

Why you should buy the EufyCam 2C

There are a few reasons why you should consider buying the EufyCam 2C security cameras. 

Firstly, security camera systems can often be expensive and when you buy one, you usually have to pay a monthly subscription fee to store the footage. Unlike its competitors Eufy won't charge you extra, the footage is stored locally on the HomeBase 2 for free - it has space for up to 3 months worth of footage and is included in this kit.

In comparison, Ring’s most basic plan costs £2.50 per month, while Arlo’s storage plan costs £2.49 a month for a single camera, so by not having to worry about that, you're already saving a lot of money and hassle. 

That doesn't mean you have to make sacrifices anywhere else, though. The EufyCam 2C cameras shoot video footage in a clear, bright 1080p with a 135-degree field of view.  At nighttime, you get the choice between using effective IR night vision and a bright spotlight that'll activate when the sensor detects human motion. 

Weather resistance, encrypted video and 180-day battery life are just a few of the other reasons why this is such an excellent security camera to use at home.

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