eufy launches new security camera with solar power and AI detection

The eufy S220 SoloCam outdoor security camera is the smart way to start your home security

eufy S220 SoloCam outdoor security camera launch
(Image credit: eufy)

UK smart home security brand, eufy has just launched its new outdoor security camera, the eufy S220 SoloCam. Dubbed “the perfect addition or start to your household security”, the S220 SoloCam is packed full of impressive features, including solar charging and AI detection.

eufy is well known for its range of best security cameras. Its smart home offerings include indoor and outdoor security cameras, like the 5-star eufy S100 All-in-One Wall Light Cam, as well as video doorbells, robot vacuum cleaners and smart scales. This new addition to the eufy camera line is tiny but mighty, and is a great first camera if you’re just starting to introduce smart surveillance to your home.

The eufy S220 SoloCam may be petite but its compact size is designed to escape the notice of potential intruders while monitoring and protecting your home from them. Its minimal size also means it can fit anywhere on the outside of your house, while providing a 135° field of view.

In spite of its small size, the eufy S220 SoloCam is packed with smart features. The most impressive feature is the solar powered charging. The eufy S220 SoloCam has an integrated 0.9 watt solar panel built-in which collects up to 400 mAh of solar energy a day.

This is three times more than the average daily wattage that the eufy S220 SoloCam needs to run, so the camera should constantly survey your home through the day and night. The outdoor security camera needs just 3 hours of sunlight a day to keep running and it comes with a 3-month back-up battery.

eufy S220 SoloCam

(Image credit: eufy)

Another exciting smart feature of the eufy S220 SoloCam is its accurate human detection. Using AI technology, the eufy S220 SoloCam quickly and accurately detects movement and will send this information to its users. When linked to the eufy Security Homebase 3 data hub (which is available at no additional monthly costs), the eufy S220 SoloCam provides enhanced facial detection capabilities and lets you store up to 16 TB of footage.

The eufy S220 SoloCam has a 2K resolution camera and infrared LED night vision to see all details and footage clearly, while also illuminating images after dark for better clarity. Like most security cameras, the eufy S220 SoloCam also comes with two-way audio and it supports voice control commands from Alexa and Google Assistant. The eufy S220 SoloCam’s installation should only take 5 minutes thanks to its wire-free design and its weather resistant.

The eufy S220 SoloCam is available to buy at eufy for £119.99 or for £239.98 if you choose the 2-Cam Pack.

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