Eufy S100 All-in-One Wall Light Cam review: versatile, affordable & reliable

The Eufy S100 All-in-One Wall Light Cam really does it all – here's T3's full review

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Eufy S100 All-in-One Wall Light Cam
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The Eufy S100 All-in-One Wall Light Cam offers plenty of features and functionality when it comes to lighting up your property and keeping an eye on what's happening on it. While there are one or two weaknesses here, overall the Eufy S100 is a fantastic bit of smart home kit.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Very powerful light

  • +

    Great quality video

  • +

    No subscription needed

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Setup isn't the easiest

  • -

    Limited to 2.4GHz Wi-Fi

  • -

    App could be more polished

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Today, you've got no shortage of smart security camera options to install around the home, but when it comes to the very best security cameras you want something that packs in a pile of useful features that's consistently reliable, and available at a reasonable price.

Those are the boxes that the Eufy S100 All-in-One Wall Light Cam tries to tick. This outdoor, weatherproof camera and light system is designed to put off intruders and help you keep an eye on your home, while also helping you see your way in the dark.

In my review, I'll tell you everything you need to know about this piece of smart home hardware from Eufy. If you're in the market for more smart home devices for the place you live, check out our guides to the best smart bulbs and the best smart thermostats you can currently buy.

Eufy S100 All-in-One Wall Light Cam review: unboxing & setup

Full marks to Eufy on the packaging, as the camera is well protected in a sturdy box. Once you've got it opened, you'll realise installation isn't all that straightforward: you're going to have to drill holes into walls, wire up a plug, and get busy with some DIY. That might be of no concern to you at all, or it might have you breaking out in a cold sweat at the thought of picking up a screwdriver.

Whether you attempt the task yourself or get a professional in, getting the Eufy S100 set up isn't a job that'll only take you five or ten minutes. Once the device is actually in place, the configuration process that works through the accompanying mobile app is a little tedious too, involving fiddling QR code scanning and a significant wait for the device to attach itself to your Wi-Fi (it's worth mentioning that it only works over the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi band, not the faster 5GHz).

While the quick start leaflet that comes with the product lacks detail, all the instructions you need are included in the apps for Android and iOS, so you can quickly refer to your phone for guidance. I wouldn't say it's a particularly bad setup experience, but you're going to have to set aside some time for it, and possibly get some help – this isn't plug in and play.

I quite like the look of the Eufy S100 All-in-One Wall Light Cam: there's a certain style about its aesthetic, all curved and monochrome, and it's worth pointing out that you can set the light illumination to just about any colour you want. If you're measuring out spaces on your wall, the device measures 405 mm x 110 mm x 134 mm – it's quite a chunky object, but you do want it to be noticeable, after all.

Eufy S100 All-in-One Wall Light Cam review: performance & features

Eufy S100 All-in-One Wall Light Cam

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The Eufy All-in-One Wall Light Cam includes just about every feature you could want in a security camera like this: a light (as its name suggests), a siren, two-way audio for haranguing trespassers, night vision, motion detection and IP65 waterproofing. It's a great bit of kit on paper and I'm pleased to say its performance lives up to the promise: just about everything works as advertised.

Take the video footage for example: its crisp 2K (2048 x 1536 pixel) resolution is great for picking out details, the 160-degree field of view is generous, the colour night vision works fine, and you can even pick out activity zones so that motion in a corner of the frame (on a main road, for example) won't trigger any motion alerts. The 1,200 lumens light and the 105dB siren are more than bright and loud enough – the former comfortably lit up my small-ish back garden, and its brightness can be adjusted if needed (you can even turn the lights backwards so they're facing the wall).

The motion detection sensitivity can be adjusted too, and asked to only show alerts for human beings in the frame (rather than pets or bins that have fallen over). In our testing, this worked flawlessly, although we didn't actually get anyone to break into our house – the detecting abilities extend to around 9 metres or 30 feet, so it's more than enough to keep an eye on your property.

Everything is managed through the Eufy app. It's not the most polished experience I've ever seen, but it's not bad, and it means you can check up on alerts, watch live video, activate the lights and siren, and initiate two-way audio from anywhere with an internet connection. You can also adjust the various device settings from here, and (for example) get the lights to operate on an automatic schedule that means they cycle in time with the local sunrise and sunset times.

Eufy S100 All-in-One Wall Light Cam review: price

Eufy S100 All-in-One Wall Light Cam

(Image credit: Eufy)

At £149.95, I think the Eufy S100 All-in-One Wall Light Cam is rather well priced considering everything that you get back in return. I particularly like the fact that there's no ongoing subscription and no need for cloud storage: you can store up to 25 days of footage on the device itself, and move clips off to a disk somewhere else as and when you need to. All the cost is up front, which makes a refreshing change when it comes to smart home devices.

The Eufy S100 All-in-One Wall Light Cam is available at eufy and select retailers, like Amazon.

Eufy S100 All-in-One Wall Light Cam review: Verdict

The Eufy S100 All-in-One Wall Light Cam is a device that doesn't just do the bare minimum but goes above and beyond. The sensitivity adjustments on the motion detector, the scheduling and the customisation options available on the light, the colour night vision, and so on. Add in the solid and stylish design, and it's a smart security camera that really impressed us throughout the time I spent using it.

Okay, if I'm being picky I'd say the setup and installation process is a bit of a pain, and it's missing integrations like Apple HomeKit (it does support Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa operation though). What's more, the software experience isn't quite as slick as it is with some of the bigger names in tech, but really, these are minor drawbacks on what is mostly an excellent product.

As with every smart home product, you're not just weighing up the product itself, you're also thinking about the wider ecosystem: if your home is already packed out with Ring or Nest cameras then you might want to stick to that particular brand and steer clear of adding something completely new. However, for most people I'd say the Eufy S100 All-in-One Wall Light Cam is a top choice.

Eufy S100 All-in-One Wall Light Cam review: alternatives to consider

If you don't think the Eufy S100 All-in-One Wall Light Cam is the perfect choice for you, you've got a lot of other options. The Arlo Essential Spotlight Camera is a little cheaper, more compact and does double duty as a smart camera and a spotlight to illuminate whatever is happening outside. Arlo is a brand you can rely on in terms of hardware quality, and its software isn't bad either.

If you want to stick to the Eufy brand, the EufyCam 2C is another option. The big difference compared to the model reviewed here is that it's battery powered, giving you more flexibility in terms of positioning (and it also means you don't have to spend as much time on installation). The older EufyCam 2C is also compatible with Apple HomeKit, if that's something you need from your camera.

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