Eleiko's new shape-shifting Prestera Strength System grows with your home gym

Blurring the lines between traditional racks, rigs, and cable machines, the Prestera can help you do more with your space

Eleiko launches modular Prestera Strength System
(Image credit: Eleiko)

Most home gyms are a collection of random equipment gathered throughout the years and expanded erratically over time. It usually starts with buying a cheap pair of spin-collar dumbbells, followed by a purchase of a rickety weight bench. Then, you might add a pull-up bar or an ab roller – it's not a professional approach by any means. 

The new Prestera Strength System from premium Swedish strength training equipment manufacturer Eleiko offers a different approach. Consolidating a range of training methods – from free weights to body weights to cable training - into one complete system, the Prestera combines various training methods into one solution to help create dynamic training environments with quick exercise transitions and efficient facility flow.

The Prestera Strength System is distinguished by its modular construction and with "geometry, design language, attachments, and framework pieces shared across the system, bridging the spectrum from racks to rigs." Thanks to the modular approach, the Prestera system can be scaled up quickly and presented as cohesive and complete, with a streamlined aesthetic optimised for lifting.

"Building strength utilising various methods is essential for training athletes and gym-goes alike," said Oskar Ragvald, Eleiko Director of Sales Operations, "Working with our expanded Prestera range, we can create opportunities for lifters of all kinds through more training variety, improved space efficiency that caters to the ways people want to train."

A collection of angled and straight crossbars mount to the top of the uprights for a clean yet robust design. New 45-degree brackets change rig build direction to support new configurations, while stainless steel upright options offer precision height adjustments and exceptional durability. Visit Eleiko today to find out more about the Prestera system, or browse T3's guides on the best squat racks, best barbells, best weight plates, best weight benches and best dumbbells.

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