Easy Xbox Series X hack makes playing games even better

Don't like to share? Then use the button for something more useful instead

Xbox Series X
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The Share button on my Xbox Series X controller would be better described as the swear button: I only ever press it by accident, usually because I'm in the middle of a tricky situation and can't remember which button brings up my weapon wheel or my collection of potions. So I'm delighted by the new Xbox Series X update that enables me to do something much more useful with it instead.

As Reddit's A-damn1988 discovered, the new remapping feature has an unexpected benefit: you can use it as a game switcher.

How to remap the Share button on your Xbox controller: Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X

The app you need to remap the Share button is the Xbox Accessories app, which you'll find in My Games & Apps. This is where you can re-assign the Share button's functions when you tap, double-tap and hold it. In combination with the new pinned Quick Resume feature, that means you can map the button to a specific game and switch to it immediately – handy if you're playing something frustratingly difficult and need to switch to a palate cleanser before the red mist of rage-quitting descends.

It's a useful trick, although it's wise to choose the double-tap or long-press option so you don't accidentally switch games in the middle of the action the same way I accidentally take screenshots. But if your controller muscle memory is better than mine it's a great way to repurpose a largely redundant button to do something more useful. 

Of course, to do this you actually have to have an Xbox Series S or Xbox Series X. But if you've been trying to get one without any luck, the good news is that stock is much less erratic than before. Our Xbox Series X Stock tracker will help you steer clear of the scalpers to get your console for its proper price.

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