Early Samsung Galaxy S25 rumours make the S24 look even more attractive

The rumoured switch to new camera sensors doesn't appear to be happening: the non-ultra S25 models are now expected to have the same setup as the S24 and S24 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S24 leaked render
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We've been hearing for a while now that the changes to the Samsung Galaxy S24 range were going to be relatively minor, and that the real excitement would be happening around the Samsung Galaxy S25. But a new rumour suggests that that might not be the case as Samsung has apparently cancelled its plans for a significant change to the cameras in the S25 and S25 Plus.

One of the most recent Galaxy S25 rumours said that Samsung was planning to remove the ISOCELL GN3 image sensor from the Samsung Galaxy S25 and the Samsung Galaxy S25 Plus, moving instead to better quality Sony sensors. But now the same source has said that the plans have changed, and Samsung now intends to stick with the GN3 for the two 2025 phones. So if you were thinking of skipping a Samsung generation to wait for better camera sensors, that might no longer be the best idea.

The incredible Samsung camera kerfuffle

The leaker, Revegnus on X, describes the GN3 as "dreadful", which seems a bit unfair: it's not Samsung's best sensor – the HP2 in the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is better – but it's not that far behind the flagship.

Samsung's Galaxy phones have consistently delivered very impressive camera performance, and the Galaxy S23 is no exception: in our Samsung Galaxy S23 review we said that "the Galaxy S23 is still an excellent camera phone. The 50-megapixel main sensor on offer here is perfectly adept at delivering detail in all manner of conditions... Whether dim-lit cellar, daylight mountain scene, or anything else I cared to throw its way, it's simply a case of point, shoot, and smile." There's always scope for improvement, but this is in no way a poor quality camera with a poor quality sensor. 

With the Samsung Galaxy S24 launch just weeks away now, we've got a pretty good picture of what its specifications will be; the latest leak – from the same tipster who broke and then retracted the sensor change story – appears to have details of all the different configurations you'll be able to buy. We're expecting to see better processors, improved AI – especially around photography – and display improvements too.

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