Early Black Friday deal: 23% off Midea Robot Vacuum at Amazon

Up your cleaning game with the Midea Robot Vacuum Cleaner – discounted at Amazon now

Early Black Friday deal, Midea Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Amazon deal
(Image credit: Amazon)

Vacuum cleaners are homeware appliances that we tend to neglect when they need replacing. If you’re guilty of this, Amazon has the best deal on at the moment – the Midea Robot Vacuum Cleaner is currently 23% off!

Robot vacuums are really having a moment. If you’re new to these, they’re cordless, Wi-Fi controlled and clean your house via sets of sensors. The word ‘robot’ might sound a bit scary, but these devices take the stress and faff out of cleaning by doing it all for you!

As a tech device, we predict vacuum cleaners will be popular items in the Black Friday deals. Rather than wait until November, we recommend taking advantage of this deal now and experience the new robot way of cleaning. 

Midea Robot Vacuum Cleaner | Was: £219.99 | Now: £169.40 | Saving: £50.59 (opens in new tab)
The Midea Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a 4-in-1 cleaning system, with multiple brushes and mops to make cleaning more efficient and thorough. It’s a super suction motor powered machine and with a battery life of 100 minutes, this machine will revolutionise the way you keep your home tidy and organised.

Why you should buy the Midea Robot Vacuum Cleaner 

Hands-free technology is becoming the new norm and cleaning appliances are no exception. The Midea Robot Vacuum Cleaner has Gyro 3.0 navigation that automatically plans its path with its 29 sensors. It easily gets into all the nooks and crannies that you can’t reach and has 3 modes of cleaning: area, edge and zigzag.

The Midea Robot Vacuum Cleaner is compatible with voice control and smart apps, like Alexa and Google. By speaking into your smartphone or speaker system, you can easily schedule cleaning times and monitor its progress. It’s a great device for homes with different floor types and for 23% off, head to the Amazon website now. 

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