Dyson launches Airblade tap

Dyson unveils all-in-one tap that both washes and dries hands

Dyson has released the Airblade Tap, a device that combines a high-speed hand dryer with a hot and cold tap

In news that will be welcomed by anyone who feels walking a short distance to a hand-dryer in a washroom is a little too much work, the engineers behind the Dyson cordless vacuum has launched a tap that washes and dries hands all in one go.

The Dyson Airblade tap combines a high-speed hand-dryer with a hot and cold tap. Users don't even need to touch the device to operate it as infared sensors pinpoint the position of their hands and either pours water from the faucet stem or shoots two streams of unheated air out at 430mph, scraping their hands dry. Apparently the device can dry the user's hands within 12 seconds.

According to company head, Sir James Dyson, the device's "secret" component is its motor, which, he told the BBC in an interview, had taken seven years to develop.

It's doubtful you'll see Dyson Airblade taps appearing too widely in the near-future as the device carries the hefty price tag of £1,000 per unit.