Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner deal! With over £60 off V7 Total Clean why wait for Amazon Prime Day?

You'd be a sucker to miss out on this deal

Dyson V7 Total Clean deal

There will be Dysons on sale when Amazon Prime Day hits but why wait all that time? If you’ve been looking for a Dyson deal on an excellent Dyson cordless vacuum, look no further. Right now, you can buy a Dyson V7 Total Clean cordless vacuum for £255.97 – that’s a big, er, £63.03 off the official price (as seen over at Dyson's own shop). And who can turn their nose up at a price cut of £63.03? Exactly.

Dyson V7 Total Clean | £255.97 | Usually  £319 | Save over £63

Selling fast and only available for in-store pick-up ('in minutes'), this deal comes with a 2-year warranty. The V7 is a very slightly down-specced V8 – you would be hard pressed to notice the difference, to be honest – and the 'Total Clean' package includes separate heads specifically for  hard floors and carpet as well as smaller heads for steps, upholstery, pet hair, dusting and 'crevices'. Currys deal is among the lowest prices this model has been at.View Deal

What is Dyson V7 Total Clean?

Run time: up to 30 minutes (more like 5-6 minutes on maximum power settings) | Bin capacity: 0.54 litres | Charge time: 3.5 hours

A bit of a tertiary product in the Dyson line-up, the V7 is very much like the more widely-known V8 with all the same attachments and a similar appearance. The motor is slightly less powerful and the battery lasts a slightly shorter period of time between charges. 

Particularly if you vacuum 'little but often' and have largely hard floors or fairly thin carpets, it's unlikely you'll notice much difference in overall cleaning performance with the V7, however, and it is that bit more affordable – the V8 Total Clean set you back £299 when it was available; it seems to be off Dyson's roster now.