Dwayne Johnson shares the one bicep exercise even he struggles to perform

In his own words: "This burns like a MF”

Dwayne Johnson
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Big arms are Dwayne Johnson’s speciality, especially when it comes to biceps. Luckily for us, the 51-year-old has shared with his Instagram followers his exact bicep finisher that’s ideal for adding to the end of your push workout if you’re looking to finish with a serious pump. As Johnson even says himself, “This burns like a MF”.

Biceps are by far one the most popular body parts we want to grow. Many of us are on a mission to grow our arms fast, but we know that building muscle is an energy-consuming process that takes consistent training over a lengthy period of time. Making sure you eat the correct amount of protein to help you gain muscle is also essential when it comes to building your biceps.

When we saw The Rock himself struggle with his reps on this finisher, we knew it was going to be a killer. Instead of just doing a standard hammer curl, Dwayne adds in a twist at the top of the movement, turning his wrists inwards so his palms are facing downwards as he lowers the dumbbells, then turning his wrists outwards with his palms facing upwards, lowering the dumbbells.

The reason why this move gives such a great pump (and was near enough to burn his arms off) is because it works the whole bicep, inside and outside. “Slow and always in control” is Dwayne’s top tip when completing this finisher so that you really feel the burn. Do four sets of his twist-take on the hammer curl till failure, and although we don't think you'll thank us for it, your biceps definitely will (eventually).

Bryony Firth-Bernard
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