Dreo releases 2 new smart fans just in time for summer

Wanting to avoid the hot temperatures this summer? Dreo has got you covered

Air Circulator CFS14S
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The summer weather is (quite literally) coming in hot, meaning the annual task of digging the fan from the back of the cupboard is upon us. It’s a well-loved comfort, especially at night, and smart fans particularly are making the experience even more enjoyable. We constructed a guide to the best smart fans if you want to find out why. 

Luckily, smart home appliance company Dreo is one step ahead. Having had huge success with their Tower Fan ‎DR-HTF001, Dreo are back this summer and bringing you two brand new Air Circulator fans that you can get your hands on. 

The PolyFan 513S, a stylish pedestal fan, and the CF714S, a super-efficient floor fan, are both capable of blowing air so quietly and intelligently that it feels like air conditioning. Both fans are IoT enabled for voice control and are also APP-powered, making them perfect additions to your home. The PolyFan 513S ($139.99) and CF714S ($99) are now available on the Dreo website and Amazon.  

PolyFan 513S Air Circulator Fan

Dreo PolyFan 513S

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The PolyFan 513S features a sleek metallic gray and bronze finish, sitting atop a 37” pole stand with an oscillating and swivel head. This allows the 9” blade to power air to any corner of the room with both vertical and horizontal adjustability up to 120°. The 1800 rotations per minute of the fan blade quietly powers a blast of cool air up to 100 feet away, making the PloyFan 513S capable of cooling any room with ease. In addition to the APP, the PolyFan 513S has intuitive touchpad control and also a remote control, so there are multiple and easy options for adjusting the fan speed wherever you may be (or wherever that pesky remote may be).

While most fans limit your options to a couple of speeds, Dreo’s PolyFan 513S brings 6 wind modes and up to 8 speeds. Whether you want close-range cooling or blow a powerful jet of air, this standing fan has got you covered. 


Dreo CF714S fan

(Image credit: Dreo)

The CF714S is a powerful and compact circular floor fan that features both vertical and horizontal oscillation and adjustability, blasting cool air up to 110 feet. Like the PolyFan 513S, the CF714S has intuitive touchpad control, remote control, and can be controlled by the Dreo app and other smart home applications. Its small size (11” x 13” x 16”) makes it easy to fit wherever you’d like it to be, and the quiet sound makes it even less noticeable. 

With 9 different speeds and 6 different wind modes (normal, auto, turbo, natural, sleep, custom), Dreo CF714S gives you all the options you need to get cool. This fan combines smart features with whole room performance and the functionality of floor and table fans.

Whichever fan may suit you best, Dreo has got you covered. Find both the PolyFan 513S ($139.99) and CF714S ($99) on Amazon and the Dreo website now. 

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