Don't want a smartwatch? Try a smart hat or smart socks instead

Plenty of other smart attire to fulfil your needs

Smartwatches might be very clever devices, but because they're everywhere, they already feel a bit last year. Thankfully there's plenty of other smart attire to choose from.

The Activity Tracking Smart Hat, for starters. It does what it says on the tin – it's a smart hat that tracks how active you are. It's made of Dri-Fit material, so will keep you feeling dry even while you're sweating up a storm. A built-in Bluetooth connection sends info to your phone, and it measures your heart rate, steps taken and calories burned.

It measures your heart rate using an optical sensor, though there's no word how it measures the others. We're reserving judgement until we've tried it.

It works with Android (4.3 or later) and iOS (the iPhone 4S and later). It also plays nice with fitness apps like Nike Plus, RunKeeper, Garmin Fit and Strava. It will last 17 hours before needing a recharge – that's an hour less than the Apple Watch. That's not all that impressive, considering it doesn't have a screen.

Smart Socks

But what about a pair of socks that can track your activity? That's Sensoria, which have just gone on sale in the US. They give you information on your pace, distance, time and even running style, all while keeping your feet warm. The noble aim is to improve your running form, and hence reduce the risk of injury.

Though at $199 (£131) for two pairs, they certainly don't come cheap. Not M&S cheap anyway.

This kind of smart clothing might seem a bit 'meals in pill form', but it has the potential to be massive. According to market research firm Tractica, by 2020 we will buy more than 20 million pieces of smart clothing every year. Let's hope the prices come down.