Disney+ is making a surprise Marvel spinoff starring one of our favourite Avengers

Another spinoff from WandaVision is coming

Avengers Age of Ultron - Vision
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Disney has greelit a new show starring Paul Bettany as the android Avenger Vision.

It will reportedly pick up from the end of WandaVision and also appear on Disney+.

Disney has recently announced that it is cutting back on producing new shows for Disney+, but has also surprisingly revealed that another spinoff of WandaVision has been greenlit.

As well as Agatha All Along, which will see Kathryn Hahn step back into the shoes of Agatha Harkness, another of the main characters of the mini-series is getting his own show on the streaming service.

This time it's Vision, who will once again be played by Paul Bettany in a new series from the showrunner of Star Trek: Picard, Terry Matalas.

Variety reports that the new show will centre on the "ghost", all-white Vision from WandaVision.

Having been memorably killed off in Avengers: Infinity War back in 2018, Vision was subsequently brought back to life in the Disney+ exclusive series by his wife Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen), before eventually being forced to face off against another version of himself.

By the end of the show, he was back in a snazzy new white outfit and without any memories to speak of. The new series will reportedly carry on that story.

That Matalas is attached is a good thing. His work on the third season of Picard, which brought back much of the original cast from The Next Generation, was well-received. Let's hope he can work his magic here too.

To be honest, a Vision show had been in the rumour mill for a while, including under a previous working title of Vision Quest. That seems to have fallen by the wayside for now, though, with plot details very thin on the ground.

It also underlines the fact that WandaVision was one of the most successful outings in Marvel and Disney's TV adventure, with a cultural impact that has raised it above other more forgettable entries.

Although, we'll have to wait a while before we see whether the Vision show, whatever it ends up being called, manages to reach those heady heights. Variety claims it won't appear on your favourite streaming device until 2026 at the earliest.

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