Disney+ in 2022: Star Wars, Guardians of the Galaxy, Hocus Pocus 2, She/Hulk and more

Massive new movies and TV shows are coming to Disney+ in 2022

Disney+ Obi-Wan Kenobi Star Wars
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If you’re a fan of Disney, Marvel, Star Wars or Pixar movies then Disney+ is the king of the streaming services: whether it’s Star Wars or She/Hulk, Ice Age or anime-inspired animations there’s lots of shows and movies to delight the whole family. 

And in 2022 things are going to get even more interesting. Disney+ is adding stacks of new adventures and comedies to its line-up in 2022. Here are the ones we’re particularly excited about.

Ryan Reynolds in Free Guy

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Disney+ in 2022: January and February

The sixth Ice Age movie, The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild, launches on 28 January: it’s a spin-off featuring weasel and dinosaur hunter Buck, played by Simon Pegg. It’s followed a few weeks later by Sneakerella, which takes the familiar Cinderella story and brings it into the present day in New York.

February also brings The Proud Family, whose first two seasons ran on the Disney channel in the early 2000s. The original cast are joined by all kinds of celebrity cameos.

One of the highlights for us is Ryan Reynolds in Free Guy, which is available from the end of February in the US; for viewers in the UK it’s available already.

Gabrielle Union and Zach Braff Cheaper By The Dozen 2022

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Disney+ in 2022: Spring

If Cheaper By The Dozen sounds familiar, that’s because it’s a reboot of a well-known franchise; this time the stars are Zach Braff and Gabrielle Union. It’s due in March.

Another familiar name is Chip ’N Dale, whose Rescue Rangers (date tbc in Spring) combine live action and CGI to bring the cartoon classic to life. 

One of the more interesting new titles on Disney+ in 2022 is Black Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall, which will go live in April. It’s a reboot of the Japanese anime series Black Rock Shooter and it looks spectacular.

Disney+ has also announced it’ll air Better Nate Than Ever in Spring 2022. It’s a musical comedy based on the book of the same name set in the world of Broadway musicals.


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Disney+ in 2022: Summer

If you loved Big Hero 6, you’re going to love Baymax! The show – the exclamation mark is part of the title – takes place in San Fransokyo and follows the adventures of the lovable robot.

One of the new franchises we’re excited about is Ms Marvel, which gives us the origin story of Kamala Khan and sets the scene for next year’s The Marvels movie. It’s the sixth TV series set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and features Iman Vellani as a teenager who can shape-shift.

Disney+ Hocus Pocus 2

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Disney+ in 2022: Autumn

The sequel to 2007’s Enchanted, Disenchanted takes place ten years later and follows Giselle to the suburbs where both her real and fantasy life prove troublesome. The first film’s cast return, so you can look forward to Amy Adams, James Marden and Patrick Dempsey in more fantasy fun.

Hocus Pocus 2 is another sequel to a much-loved fantasy, this time focusing on wicked witches in modern-day Salem. Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy are all back and more wicked than ever in what we’re sure will be fast, funny and a little bit magic.

On the subject of much-loved films, Pinocchio is being remade with a mix of live action and CGI. The cast includes Tom Hanks as Gepetto and Benjamin Evan Ainsworth as the puppet who wants to be a real boy.

Book of Boba Fett Temura Morrison and Boba Fett poster

The Book of Boba Fett isn't the only Star Wars series on Disney+ in 2022

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Disney+ in 2022: Winter

Remember the iconic Star Wars holiday special from, ooh, about 200 years ago? Marvel clearly does, because it’s making a Guardians of the Galaxy holiday special for 2022. It’s being filmed alongside Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3, which is due for release in 2023, and the special promises to introduce a brand new Marvel character who’ll be in the new film too.

Did someone mention Star Wars? Star Wars: Andor is a twelve-episode series set before the events of Rogue One and featuring Diego Luna as the titular Andor. 

She Hulk Disney+ Marvel

We are very, very excited about She/Hulk.

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Disney+ movies and TV series in 2022: dates tbc

That’s not all Disney+ has up its sleeve for 2022. Shows and films announced but not yet scheduled include Tatiana Maslany as She/Hulk (late 2022), a filmed performance of Aladdin from London’s Prince Edward Theatre, a live action Peter Pan, National Geographic’s America The Beautiful and Limitless With Christ Helmsworth, and a series based on the film Zootopia. 

Want more? There’s a new Night At The Museum film, two tantalisingly new Marvel series – Moon Knight, featuring a soldier with dissociative identity disorder, and Secret Invasion, featuring space aliens – and Pixar’s Cars spin-off, Cars On The Road. There’s also a new Star Wars spin-off, Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi, featuring Ewan McGregor, and a sequel to 1988’s Willow.

2022 on Disney+ will also bring you sports film Chang Can Dunk, SF series Crater, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rule and a third season of High School Musical: The Musical. If you’re a musicals fan you’ll be delighted to discover that Stargirl is getting a sequel, Hollywood Stargirl, which includes appearances from Uma Thurman and Judd Hirsch.

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