Diablo 3 already completed in seven hours despite delays

Korean gamers have set a seemingly impossible benchmark with Diablo 3

Diablo 3 is not a short game, not even slightly. That hasn't stopped a bunch of gaming enthusiasts from setting what has to be a world record though

Gamers have already completed Diablo 3 with a Korean group claiming to have completed the mammoth title in what has to be a record breaking seven hours, just two days after its release date.

What makes this all the more impressive is that Blizzard had to release a last minute update for Diablo III after it was discovered that those pre-downloading the game would face problems come launch night.

The download only affects those UK and German users who pre-downloaded Diablo III before 9.00am GMT on Saturday May 12. T3 understands the update won't affect Diablo 3's system requirements.

Blizzard Entertainment released the news of the update via their blog on Saturday, advising all those who pre-downloaded the files to update immediately, following the discovery of a series of bugs affecting the digital downloader being used.

There have been reports that some gamers who haven't pre-downloaded the title have actually been queuing outside HMV's flagship store in London since Saturday, in order to get their hands on the game.

The Diablo 3 release date has come and gone but with gamers already completing the single player campaign all eyes will be on whether someone can beat the seven hours gauntlet.

With a range of options available for purchase including the Diablo III: Special Edition boxset, gamers will be spoilt for choice when it comes to getting their hands on the upcoming online title.

Completed game screenshot here