DeLonghi dehumidifier drops 12% in Black Friday sale

This premium dehumidifier is now under £190 on Amazon as part of the Black Friday sales

Delonghi dehumidifer
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Dehumidifiers are in high demand right now, as we close our windows to the cold and try to dry our clothes indoors. They certainly make drying clothes much faster by sucking up that moisture, but they help avoid mould issues in the home too. 

The UK isn't particularly humid but when it constantly rains, like it seems to have done for the last few months, things can feel pretty damp. So having one in your house can be a great help. 

The biggest problem right now is that many of the best dehumidifiers are out of stock – as everyone has bought them up. That in turn means that there haven't been many good deals on models this Black Friday, except for this Blyss model which has now sold out and this one on Amazon from DeLonghi. 

The DeLonghi DEX212F is a great-looking dehumidifier. The 12L model isn't the most powerful but is plenty for most rooms (and for your washing), and is quiet enough to keep on at night. While the list price has on the higher side, it has just had a 12% discount which takes it down to a more reasonable £187.49. 

Delivery times are pretty long (1-2 months), so it's not ideal if you need something fast, but if you can wait, it's a solid option. 

DeLonghi 12L Dehumidifier: was £213.60, now £187.49 at Amazon

DeLonghi 12L Dehumidifier: was £213.60, now £187.49 at Amazon 
Save 12% – This 12L model is quiet and energy efficient at just 300W. It also looks far nicer than most models.

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