Dehumidifier deals have dried up but you can still buy these models

You won't have much luck finding a discounted dehumidifier on Cyber Monday but there are still some models available to buy

Dehumidifier deals
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Dehumidifiers are often associated with hot and humid conditions but here in the UK they really come into their own when it's cold and wet. That's the time when we close all of our windows and turn on the heat. That leads to condensation on our windows (when it hits that cold outside air) and moisture from cooking or drying clothes. Plus with the rain outside, it's even more humid outside than it is in. 

The easiest solution for all this extra moisture is to buy a dehumidifier. And, it seems, that's what everyone has tried to do this autumn. The result is that the majority of our best humidifier models, like the MeacoDry Arete One, are sold out everywhere. 

Even premium models like the DeLonghi DX10 are difficult to find, and won't be delivered until 2023. As for finding any at a discount among the Cyber Monday deals, forget about it! 

That said, if your windows are steaming up as we speak and the mould is rising, there are options still. Here are the dehumidifier models you can buy right now. 

Emperial 20L dehumidifier, £189.99 at Amazon

Emperial 20L dehumidifier, £189.99 at Amazon
This unit features a large 3.5-litre water tank, a 24-hour timer, two speed settings and four operating modes (normal, continuous, laundry and high power). 

Conopu 1-litre dehumidifier £49.99 on Amazon

Conopu 1-litre dehumidifier £49.99 on Amazon

This portable dehumidifier is ideal for smaller spaces and looks more like a humidifier than a dehumidifier. It has a 1-litre water tank and will remove up to 450ml of water in the air per day, so it's ideal for placing next to the bed or for use in less humid conditions. 

Essentials Dehumidifier

Essentials Dehumidifier £149.99 at Currys
Part of the Essentials range, this simple dehumidifier provides 10 litres of extraction per day, a 6-hour timer and 4 humidity settings. Available for click and collect. 

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