Oh my gosh! Decathlon slashes the price of its folding exercise bike in half ahead of Black Friday

Don't miss out on this amazing home gym equipment deal

Pro-Form X BIKE DUO EXERCISE BIKE deal Black Friday
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We didn't expect this! Black Friday is weeks away, and the best Black Friday deals are yet to surface, but this folding exercise bike deal from Decathlon is an absolute showstopper, no matter what time of the year it is. The best fitness deal we've seen so far. The Pro-Form X Bike Duo is currently £149.99 – that's half price off this already cheap exercise bike. Pro-Form is famous for its mid-range exercise machines; this bike is an absolute steal at this price point. Go and check it out NOW!

Pro-Form X Bike Duo: £299.99, £149.99 at Decathlon

Pro-Form X Bike Duo: £299.99, £149.99 at Decathlon
This folding wonder allows for two different riding positions (upright and semi-recumbent), making it even more versatile than your average folding exercise bike, and they are pretty versatile as is. Now it's only half price – don't miss out!

Should you buy the Pro-Form X Bike Duo exercise bike on Black Friday?

YES! You should. The best folding exercise bikes are sought after, as they help you get fit at home, can be folded away when not in use, and feel less intimidating than full-size indoor bikes (have a look at our best exercise bikes guide; some of those machines are sizeable).

And since adherence is one of the biggest hurdle people face when trying to establish a healthy habit, buying a folding exercise bike can mean the difference between wasting another year thinking about getting fit and actually getting fit.

The Pro-Form X Bike Duo exercise bike is even better than your average folding indoor bike, as it has two riding modes: upright and semi-recumbent. Riding in the former position is better for getting fit – you can pedal hard, which is more challenging for your cardio system – while the latter provides a more joint-friendly workout. The bike has a 3 kg flywheel, plenty heavy enough for most workouts you might do on the bike.

Speaking of workouts: the Pro-Form X Bike Duo has six functions and 14 different programmes, and it even provides personalised coaching via the iFit app. Maximum user weight is 115kg (18st 1lbs/253 lbs), even though the bike only weighs 31kg (68 lbs). Don't miss out on this offer!

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