Netflix's supernatural Sandman spinoff series arrives in April

Creepy, kooky crime capers a-coming

Dead Boy Detectives (Netflix)
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Netflix has announced the debut date of the next big TV series based on the writings of Neil Gaiman.

The Sandman creator's Dead Boy Detectives will premiere on the streaming service on 25 April 2024, with all nine episodes available to binge from day one.

Based on characters created by Gaiman and artist Matt Wagner, the show will be set in the same universe as The Sandman, which is also on Netflix with a second season currently in production.

Similarly, the Dead Boy Detectives first appeared in The Sandman comic books and also received their own mini-series in the early 2000s.

The series focuses on two ghosts (the eponymous dead boys) who form their own detective agency to investigate supernatural crimes. This pits them against demons, witches and monsters, which should make for some great TV.

it stars George Rexstrew as Edwin Payne and Jayden Revri as Charles Rowland, while their living friends are played by Kassius Nelson of Hollyoaks fame and Yuyu Kitamura.

The two leads aren't actually the first to have played Payne and Rowland on TV, as the detectives guest starred in an episode of Doom Patrol on HBO Max, with Ty Tennant and Sebastian Croft starring as the duo. HBO then commissioned a pilot episode for a spinoff but decided it didn't fit with its new DC cinematic universe plans, and so the show switched to Netflix instead.

How to watch Dead Boy Detectives

Dead Boy Detectives will be shown in full on Netflix.

A Netflix subscription starts at £4.99 / $6.99 for an ad-supported membership.

A premium subscription, which includes 4K HDR streaming, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos audio, will set you back £17.99 / $22.99 per month.

Netflix is available on many different device types, including smartphones, tablets, games consoles, Smart TVs and media streamers.

You can pretty much find the Netflix app on any connected device that is capable of playing video.

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