Disney+'s most eagerly-awaited, R-rated Marvel show finally gets a release date

The devil's in the details

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Daredevil: Born Again will arrive on Disney+ early next year.

The R-rated return of the Man Without Fear will premiere in March 2025, it is claimed.

Disney might have hit pause on some of its Marvel and Star Wars TV plans, but there are still plenty of shows in production for Disney+ to look forward to.

That will start with Agatha All Along, the WandaVision spinoff that sees Kathryn Hahn reprise her role as the powerful witch Agatha Harkness this September. And Ironheart, the TV spinoff featuring the Iron Man-style superhero that first appeared in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, has been announced for next year.

However, the series that most Marvel fans are likely to be eagerly-awaiting is Daredevil: Born Again and the great news is that it now has a more defined release window – March 2025 (via Empire).

We're still awaiting an exact premiere date, but considering it's a fair few months away yet, that's all the information we need right now.

The show will herald the return of Charlie Cox to the role he originally played so capably on Netflix and then in cameos in Spider-Man: No Way Home, Echo and She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.

It will also see the character of Matt Murdock/Daredevil return to an R-rating – Disney's first for a newly-made Marvel show on the streaming service. The Born Again title is therefore more than a nod to Frank Miller's 80s run on the comic books.

Cox will be joined by Vincent D'Onofrio too, who will be back as Kingpin (last seen potentially taking a bullet in Hawkeye). And Jon Bernthal is said to be involved as The Punisher once more.

It's shaping up well, in our opinion.

If you want to know what to expect and haven't yet, we thoroughly recommend you check out the existing Daredevil series on Disney+. Three seasons are available on the platform to watch using whichever streaming device you fancy. They were originally commissioned and ranged by Netflix, but Disney moved them across once the licence expired.

We also recommend you check out The Punisher and Jessica Jones too. You can probably skip The Defenders though, it's not quite as essential.

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