Cyclists: get a new Hump waterproof jacket for just £10 NOW

All Hump jackets – and over-trousers – reduced to a tenner in Freewheel's massive sale

Hump deals at Freewheel: all jackets £10!
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If you are into cycling at all, you probably know Hump. Like Muc-off with its 'punky' cleaning spray, Hump has one product that is absolutely omnipresent: the backpack cover that bears their name and arrow design. However, it now also makes a full range of cycling apparel and, more importantly, (opens in new tab) has some absolutely killer deals on them. 

Get a load of this: any Hump waterproof jacket or over trousers can be had for just £10 until Sunday or until stocks run out. Ten quid! At that price, we are deep into 'you might as well get one' territory, whether it's as a spare or your first jacket purchase, because you have just got into cycling, in a post-lockdown bid to get fit and save the planet. 

This is part of a larger Freewheel sale that includes numerous bargains on bikes, shoes, clothing, accessories and components.

Turbo trainers use magnetic, fluid or electro resistance to imitate real-world scenarios indoors. Many of the cheap turbo trainer deals below are compatible with apps such as the Tacx Cycling app or the Bkool Simulator. You can cycle on world-famous tracks and get ready for the next season, whenever it may be.

To be honest, after using a turbo trainer, you might just end up preferring indoor training over near-life experiences on the main road, dodging lorries and potholes.

Top picks from Freewheel's Hump clothing sale

Hump Signal jacket (men's) | Sale price £10 | (opens in new tab)

Hump Signal jacket (men's) | Sale price £10 | Was £69 | Save £59 at Freewheel (opens in new tab)
Described as a 'versatile hooded jacket for the urban rider', this comes in sexy black, safe yellow and blue. All colour schemes incorporate huge reflective chevrons for visibility on the road – the zipper is reflective too. Fully waterproof and tape seamed with a hood, the Signal is also reasonably stylish – even the yellow one doesn't make you look too much like a lollypop man. Deal ends Sunday

Sale price £10 | Was £69 | Save £59 at Freewheel (opens in new tab)

Hump Signal jacket (women's) | Sale price £10 | Was £69 | Save £59 at Freewheel (opens in new tab)
You can get the same great deal on the women's Signal jacket until Sunday. Colour choices here are blue, yellow and 'pink glo'. Deal ends Sunday

HUMP Spark Men's Trousers | Sale price £10 | (opens in new tab)

HUMP Spark Men's Trousers | Sale price £10 | Was £49 | Save £39 (opens in new tab)
Complete your weather-proof Hump cycling outfit with this pair of sturdy over-trousers. Like the jackets they're made from fully waterproof fabric with taped seams. Breathability is helped by an internal mesh lining. Oh and there's also a fully waterproof pocket. Deal ends Sunday

HUMP Spark Women's Trousers | Sale price £10 | (opens in new tab)

HUMP Spark Women's Trousers | Sale price £10 | Was £49 | Save £39 (opens in new tab)
As above but in women's sizes. Any colour you like so long as it's black – or more dark grey, really. Deal ends Sunday

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