Cyber Monday: this HP instant photo printer would make a great Christmas gift

You'll be able to print out your favourite photos in seconds using the HP Sprocket Portable

HP Sprocket Portable
(Image credit: HP)

Black Friday week is coming to an end, but before the curtain closes on another year, there are still some bargains to be found in some of the best Cyber Monday deals. If you're yet to finish your Christmas shopping then you'd be better get cracking! 

This HP Sprocket Portable instant photo printer would make a really lovely gift for kids and teenagers in particular because they'll be able to print out physical copies of their favourite photos in a matter of seconds. Its price has been reduced to only £70.99 at Amazon

HP Sprocket Portable: was £89.99, now £70.99 at Amazon

HP Sprocket Portable: <a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon UK"" target="_blank">was £89.99, now £70.99 at Amazon
Save 20% on the HP Sprocket Portable, an instant photo printer giving you a quick and easy way to get physical copies of your favourite shots - this will make a really good Christmas gift!

Using the HP Sprocket Portable, you can print 2x3" photos straight from your iOS or Android smartphone. But before you do, the adjoining app lets you add fun frames, stickers and filters to them as well as emojis and even drawings. 

Also worth mentioning is that you can pick a shot from either your camera roll or from social media, and each print is actually a sticker too so you can easily display them anywhere you like.

Small enough to fit in your bag or actually even in your pocket, it'll be a delightful little device for parties, birthdays and holidays which is what makes this such a great gift! 

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