Crackdown reboot announced

Microsoft announces new Crackdown game at E3

Microsoft has announced a reboot of the game Crackdown at its E3 keynote address in Los Angeles

Welcome back, Agents. At a rather impressive showing at this year's E3, Microsoft revealed that a reboot of the game Crackdown is slated for released next year.

For those of you who don't remember, Crackdown was an open-world game in which players used a super-enhanced cop that was armed to the teeth to take down three cartels in a crime-ridden hellohole of a city. Think Judge Dredd crossed with an NFL linebacker and you're starting to get the picture.

If anything the trailer for the new game makes it look even more mental than its predecessor. In a coordinated attack on a gang leader, three Agents use a sniper rifle, a series of explosives and a tanker filled with dynamite to topple a tower block on top of their target. Talk about overkill.

Fans have been clamouring for news of a new Crackdown game ever since it seemed to have been leaked; it appeared on the dashboard for one of the tech demos for the Xbox One at Microsoft's reveal event for the console in Redmond last year.

The new Crackdown heads up a pretty impressive list of exclusives for the Xbox One at the keynote, which included the free-roaming cartoon shooter, Sunset Overdrive, an assembly of the first four Halo games, Halo: The Master Chief Edition and Scalebound, which essentially looks like Devil May Cry crossed with Monster Hunter. A strong showing in all.

Nick Cowen

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