Pedal to the medal: Cowboy turns e-biking into a competitive calorie burn with new community games

Cowboy's new Race game is the only way to legally speed on two wheels

Cowboy Unveils Race - Its First Foray into Social Gaming
(Image credit: Cowboy)

At some point a few years ago, indoor cycling companies were bending over backwards in an effort to recreate the sensation of riding outdoors. Then, companies like Zwift took this to the next level by creating virtual worlds with power-ups and strong online communities.

Now, electric bike aficionado Cowboy is taking what Zwift started back onto the streets with its new in-ride games. As part of today's software update to compatible e-bikes, the brand is rolling out three modes to spice up your commute and build (virtual) relationships with other Cowboy riders.

Leading the charge is "Race," designed to enhance the riding experience by blending fitness and fun. Riders can engage in competitive 500-meter sprints against others with similar profiles, climbing through increasingly challenging levels to top the leaderboard. 

The software update also introduces two more games: "Burn" and "Push." "Burn" challenges riders to hit escalating calorie targets within a minute, starting at 4 calories and intensifying to 23 by Level 20.

Conversely, "Push" tests strength and endurance, requiring riders to maintain pedal power above a set threshold for 15 seconds to advance through 25 gruelling levels.

Cowboy Unveils Race - Its First Foray into Social Gaming

(Image credit: Cowboy)

The games are equipped with built-in safeguards, ensuring they pause automatically when riders stop and can be easily turned off with a single touch. This focus on safety complements Cowboy's existing features like Crash Detection, Predictive Alerts, and now, standard Theft Alerts with the Connect update.

The software update also includes the redesigned Ride Dashboard, which now showcases dynamic In-Ride Milestones, provides real-time feedback and celebrates riders' achievements on the go. 

Bikes will be updated via the Cowboy app. Coincidentally, Cowboy also has a Summer Sale with up to £600 savings on top-notch e-bikes. Head over to Cowboy now to find out more.

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