Could this be the ultimate upgrade for your turntable?

Analogue audio specialists Goldring have a new E Series cartridge to make your turntable even better

Goldring E4 cartridge
(Image credit: Goldring)

Even the best record players can be improved, and one of the easiest improvements is to upgrade the cartridge: it can change the characteristics of your sound in all kinds of ways and bring you even closer to the music. Goldring's newest cartridge, the Goldring E4, is designed to do exactly that.

Goldring has been around for over 100 years, and its cartridges were getting audiophiles excited as far back as the 1950s when their No. 500 was wowing readers of The Gramophone. The E4 is a lot more modern than those cartridges, of course, and the E Series has been a compelling upgrade since the first release in the early 2010s. The new E4 should be compatible with the majority of medium-to-high-mass tone arms and brings some crucial improvements that make it an interesting upgrade for existing E Series listeners too. 

What's new in the E4 cartridge?

Goldring is particularly proud of its new super-elliptical diamond stylus, whose lower tip mass and improved rigidity deliver better high frequency retrieval than bonded alternatives. Magnetic Duplex Technology delivers a more accurate transcription of the stereo groove for a more accurate soundstage, and the hollow aluminium cantilever is both light and stiff for improved accuracy in the mid to high frequencies.

One of the unique selling points here is that the E4's manufacturing process enables Goldring to carry out micro-adjustments, ensuring each cartridge is optimised for the best channel balance and crosstalk settings. 

The Goldring E4 will be available in June/July 2023 with a price tag of £199 / €259 / $299, and the Goldring E4 Stylus will launch at the same time at £145.00 / €185.00 / $275.

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